Source: (1999) In , Community Safety, Citizenship and Social Inclusion. Chilton, Buckinghamshire, UK: Thames Valley Partnership. Pp. 102-116. Downloaded 29 January 2004.

Charles Pollard is Chief Constable for the Thames Valley Police and a trustee of the Thames Valley Partnership. He begins with the observation that the idea of community safety is a “broad churchâ€?: most agencies and voluntary groups can comfortably subscribe to the idea. The difficulties are in the details; hence, there have been disagreements about how to achieve community safety. In this context, he remarks that he believes many are moving toward an understanding of community safety defined primarily in social or relation terms, with an emphasis on the damage crime does to communities and relationships. Pollard goes on then to touch upon many emerging perspectives on the pursuit of crime prevention and community safety, such as 'broken windows' theory, reintegrative shaming, conferencing, and restorative justice in general.