"What's different about Villanova is it doesn't just see wrongdoing and then put the bully on detention or something," Villanova's vice-captain Sam McCall, 16, told ABC News Online.

"The attitude is that the bully is the end product of problems; so the meetings... involve students, teachers, parents sitting down, trying to work towards bringing out the source of the problem.

"I'm not sure how it works at other schools, but if you're constantly punishing the bully it'll probably just get them more angry. So if you work towards the source of the problem, you'll probably get better long-term results, so that's what's good about our system here.

"Bullying continues all the way throughout life, not just in school and formative years, so if we're getting more educated about it now, with good programs we have at Villa then in later life, we'll be better set-up to deal with those problems."....

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