Source: (2005) VOMA Connections no. 19 (Winter): 3-4, 10. Downloaded 3 May 2005.

We know several things for certain about restorative justice. Many computer strokes – and even ink jottings – have given increasingly wide attention to conceptual and theoretical aspects of restoration justice. As some have observed, perhaps too much has been said already about defining restorative justice. If nothing else, some simply have tired of definitional matters and have asked for a halt to this seemingly endless enterprise. An awful lot has been written about restorative justice over the past decade (Daly and Bouhours, 2004) and the electronic, as well as printed, flow of articles, books, dissertations, newsletters, reports, and websites continues unabated. A fair amount of this attention has focused on the history and development of restorative justice, although I think much more needs doing in this regard, especially before our contemporary memories (if not documents) are deleted or otherwise lost. (excerpt)

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