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Trauma and Restorative Justice

From Beth Caldwell's blog post at Visions of Justice: I was given a wonderful opportunity in December. Proderecho, the organization in Oaxaca that has helped to connect me to the people and agencies responsible for juvenile justice here, invit... READ MORE

Opening the door to forgiveness

From the article by Stacy Forster at OnWisconsin Magazine: Jackie Millar and Craig Sussek sit opposite each other across the corner of a heavy wood table, catching up like old friends do. They talk about her new sandals, the charity walk he’l... READ MORE

The problem with restorative justice

from the entry on Kwe Today: ....What I would like to write about is what I considered a major fundamental flaw of restorative justice. In particular, this type of justice is credited for being closely related to Aboriginal justice and sometimes ... READ MORE

Priest's early plea 'very unusual'

From the article in Marlborough Express: A Blenheim priest who has admitted an indecent assault is the first case of a clergyman pleading guilty at the first opportunity, the head of sexual-abuse charity says.... Defence lawyer Rob Harrison aske... READ MORE

Prison experiences of self forgiveness

from the paper presented by Fergus Hogan and Jonathan Culleton at Experiencing Prison: Crime challenges communities; criminal activity is an assault on civic society – individuals who break the law are deemed to have stepped outside of society.... READ MORE

Introduction to restorative justice in Malaysia

from the article on Voice of the Children: In considering introducing restorative justice within the legal juvenile justice framework in Malaysia, we have to weigh its benefits and effectiveness in comparison to the existing system. The existing... READ MORE

Video Review: The Amy Wall Story

When a drunk driver hit the car driven by seventeen year old Amy Wall, her family was plunged into grief. For Joe Avila, the man driving the car that killed Amy, the days following were filled with despair as he awaited the court proceedings. Yet,... READ MORE

Restorative justice and victims of terrorism

from the executive summary of Ines Staiger's chapter in Assisting Victims of Terrorism: In Chapter 7, the potential of restorative justice for victims of terrorism is explored. Starting point for developing a restorative justice strategy in the... READ MORE

Certificate in Restorative Justice (delivered online)

From Simon Fraser University's website: An idea with deep roots in Aboriginal and many faith-based communities, restorative justice is enjoying a resurgence. While holding offenders responsible for repairing the damage they have done, it takes ... READ MORE

Book Review: Changing paradigms: punishment and restorative discipline.

Source: (2008) Restorative Justice Online. July 2008 Edition.This book, reviewed by Martin Wright, explores traditional justifications for punishment in criminal justice, the family and education. He argues that restorative justice offers signific... READ MORE

Changing Paradigms

Source: (2007) Scottdale, PA, USA: Herald Press."After several decades of working in the field of restorative justice, Paul Redekop concludes that punishment is a major obstacle to healthy societies, families, and schools. Punishment can be so dam... READ MORE