What: Conference

When: 22-27 June 2014

Where: Skopelos, Greece

Contact: see the event website.

The Symposium methodology will allow the exchange of ideas and experiences that will help bridge a gap in restorative justice and race equality issues including xenophobia and hate crimes, in academia, research and policy areas internationally.  The Institute is already engaged in an international project on "Race and Restorative Justice" and it follows on from the work of the 4th US National Restorative Justice conference that was held in Toledo in June 2013. The US conference was organised by the US based National  Association of Community and Restorative Justice which is one of our International Associates and is represented on the Symposium organising committee.

We encourate our delegates to bring friends and families. A parallel programme with be made optional. This is a special 7 day highly scientific event structured around the values of friendship, respect, academic rigour and confidentiality.

For more information see the event website.