Source: (2003) Seminar Booklet. Wellington, New Zealand: Continuing Legal Education Department New Zealand Law Society. Restorative Justice Consortium, UK. Downloaded 9 February 2004.

In June 2002 the New Zealand Law Society hosted a seminar on the new sentencing and parole acts in New Zealand. The seminar provided important but general instruction on the provisions of the Sentencing Act 2002 and Parole Act 2002. In addition, the seminar summarized the many changes that had been made to the provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 1985. As Eaton and McElrea state, they go beyond the content of that seminar in this material by concentrating on and developing a number of new dimensions to sentencing that arise under those two acts, as well as under the Victims Rights Act 2002. Eaton and McElrea proceed from the perspective that those three statutes require all involved in the criminal justice process to reevaluate their approach to questions of sentencing, parole, and victims’ rights. To detail this, they look at principles of restorative justice, court procedures for dealing with restorative justice cases, offers or agreements to make amends for harm caused, restorative justice outcomes in formal sentences, counsel’s role in restorative justice cases, and a pilot scheme for restorative justice in the district courts.

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