Source: (2007) School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University. Brisbane, Queensland.

Like SAJJ-CJ Technical Report No. 3 (Daly et al. 2005), which describes the data gathering and research plan for the Sexual Assault Archival Study (SAAS) in South Australia, the principle aim for this report is to show how the research unfolded, including the decisions taken, and how this was linked to debates in the research literature. We foreground the “logic in use” in the research enterprise and put the “reconstructed logic” in the background (Kaplan 1964). In so doing, we try to depict our thought processes in a “real time” account of the research process. A second aim is to make a conceptual and methodological contribution to research on restorative justice and the handling of sexual and family violence in the legal process. (author's abstract)

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