Glenn Green, 41, who has 15 aliases including Glenn Goldberg, Carlionne, Colcord, Holden and Versace, is alleged to have stalked two young women beginning almost immediately after his release from jail last year.

....Police said the research he had done on the girl showed he had "hand-picked" his victim. In opposing his bail they said there was a "high probability that his obsession will turn to serious offending" and he had over 100 previous offences committed while on bail.

His previous convictions included breach of protection orders, misuse of telephones, criminal harassment, obstruction of justice, impersonating police, giving false claim of fire and fraudulently using documents.

....Green's court file contained a note he had hand-written to the judge while in jail in which he requested a "full application for restorative justice".

Judge David Harvey said the request conflicted with Green's not guilty plea and "absolute denial" and appeared to be "continuation of an opportunity to keep in touch".

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