Source: (2008) ExpressO.

One of the most damaging and increasing problems in our schools today is student teasing and bullying. The research is clear: victims and bystanders of bullying will experience emotional scars with long-term effects. This Article discusses the failure of the traditional legal system to prevent bullying and to provide appropriate compensation for its victims. In addition, the Article introduces a new approach to conflict resolution in our schools called the Social Inclusion Approach. Based upon principles of Restorative Justice, the Social Inclusion Approach seeks to change the climate of the school and give the bystanders the power to say, “Stop.” Finally, this article discusses a model anti-bullying statute that requires schools to adopt and implement research-based, whole-school approaches to end bullying. It is only in a school environment where teasing and bullying are out of place that we can truly get a handle on this subversive and difficult community problem. (Abstract).

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