Source: (2000) Relational Justice Bulletin. July (7): 5. Downloaded 15 May 2003.

A “parenting groupâ€? in Scotland’s Polmont Young Offenders Institution has provided incarcerated fathers with the opportunity to interact with their children and partners in positive, communicative ways. The program, which is now in it’s third session, is designed to teach young fathers to ask open-ended questions of their children, interact with them in a constructive play environment, and develop healthy and supportive relationships with the children’s mothers. Additionally, the program provides a service that videotapes fathers reading books to their children and playing with them on visitation days. In this way, the children and their mothers are able to see and hear the father regularly. Officer Tripney states that these videotapes allow families to see one another as a unified group and provides the fathers with an opportunity to mentor their own children while incarcerated.

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