Source: (2005) American Humane FGDM Issues in Brief. Downloaded 1 December 2005.

risk. Family group conferencing has been a legal feature of child welfare practice in Aotearoa New Zealand for 15 years. Notwithstanding this long history of practice and the richness of FGC experience in this area, Aotearoa has been slow to develop processes of research and evaluation. Little is known about how FGC impacts the lives of children and families. Little is known about how families perceive the practice, and whether the legislation’s empowering intent is being realized by people whose lives are most affected – the children and families of New Zealand. In addition, little is known about the outcomes of FGC and whether it furthers the medium- and long-term interests of children. In this regard, researchers internationally have become active in FGC research, and practice relies on the findings of studies generated outside the country of FGC’s origin. (See Merkel-Holguin, Nixon & Burford 2003).(excerpt)

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