Source: (2000) Notes for a statement at the "Achieving Justice with the Community in Canada: Restorative Justice—The Role of the Police" conference, Ottawa, Canada, March 24. Downloaded 19 January 2005.

Solicitor General of Canada, Lawrence Macaulay discusses in this presentation the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s initiative in applying restorative justice. This initiative builds upon the RCMP’s leadership in implementing a community policing model. This is seen particularly in the RCMP’s Community Justice Forums. A concrete means to involve the community in restorative justice solutions, a community justice forum is a safe, controlled environment where an offender, victim, and their families or supporters are brought together under the guidance of a facilitator. Macaulay highlights the forward-looking vision and practice of the RCMP with respect to restorative justice, and he details ways in which the federal government in Canada is strengthening the capacity of the RCMP to fulfill its policing role at local, provincial, and national levels in Canada.

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