Source: (2005) Workshop Scientific Report. Faculty of Law, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The workshop aimed to provide an opportunity for further theoretical analysis of the themes identified and elaborated during the last year and a half within the three sub-working groups of the Theoretical Research domain of the Action. These sub-working groups are dealing with the following broad topics: ‘Society and Restorative Justice’, ‘Restorative Justice and the Law’ and ‘The inner dynamics (micro-theories) of Restorative Justice’. The work of the Theoretical Research domain had started with defining and elaborating theoretical controversies relevant to the field of Restorative Justice. In the course of the meetings in Budapest and in Ljubljana these contro-versies were bundled to become focused around the three topics named. Tem-plates that attempt to bring the host of theories and ‘pieces of theory’ into perspec-tive have been developed. They are to become complemented and modified by the comments and the critical appraisal of eminent experts and scholars from out-side the working group. In addition, we expected to be confronted with new theo-retical aspects that will become integrated into the theoretical landscape. (excerpt)