....Teaching Peace is a nonprofit that oversees the Longmont Community Justice Partnership — a citywide restorative justice program — and the RATE (Restorative Alternative to Expulsion) program in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

Throughout the school district, restorative justice is available for students facing non-mandatory expulsion through the RATE program.

However, in the three schools that plan to implement the new student team, that team will handle all levels of infractions, from non-mandatory expulsion to lower-level offenses such as truancy and student conflict.

When a student facilitator is called in to process a lower-level case, he or she will pair with another student facilitator and act as a mediator to restore justice.

In high-impact cases such as non-mandatory expulsion, the school program works the same way the LCJP program does. A facilitator brings together the student accused of an infraction, victims (if there are any), family members, school officials and perhaps others to discuss the infraction and come up with a plan the student must follow.

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