Source: (2004) Tender N° JAI/D4/2004/02. European Commission. Downloaded 30 November 2004.

The European Union regularly monitors and evaluates member states' general crime prevention policies. It also reviews European-wide research to support activities at the national level, to avoid duplication of efforts, and to use resources more efficiently. In 2003-2004, restorative justice/mediation was identified as one of the priorities for activity at the EU level. This document stems from these roles and priorities of the EU. The document is a solicitation for bids to review different restorative justice/mediation initiatives in member states of the EU. Objectives for the review are to inventory restorative justice/mediation initiatives; describe various solutions of restorative justice/mediation; gather recent, relevant statistical data; synthesize relevant, published empirical evidence; and make concrete proposals to improve the current situation.