What: Training
When: Various in April, May, June and July
Where: Various
Contact: IARS

The training programme is based on the findings of extensive research on existing evidence in the 5 RJE participating countries. This involved desk research and fieldwork with victims, offenders and professionals in Europe and worldwide. The full report is available to be downloaded here.

The evidence–based training programme that will be delivered across Europe has been developed in collaboration with Ben Lyon (Restorative Justice Practitioner and Researcher).  Ben Lyon has prolonged experience in the development and delivery of restorative justice programmes and training, he has worked closely with Professor Theo Gavrielides, a restorative justice expert, to deliver this timely package. We are also grateful to Gabrielle Brown, a victim whose advice and direction helped us shape the programme. Watch her video below.

The training aims to:

  • Improve professional’s skills and knowledge on how victims are treated and interacted with.
  • Also provides professionals, agencies and services with the appropriate tools and best practice guidance to further develop cooperation among Restorative Justice services and national agencies.

The full training package includes:

  • Face-to-face training with an RJE consultant
  • Training manual, toolkit and accompanying documents
  • Background to the Victim’s Directive, with focus on  specific articles relating to RJ
  • Personal reflection and group discussion on case studies showing practical examples
  • IARS Certificate of attendance
  • Follow up, telephone support.

For more information or to register see the IARS website.