Source: (2000) Subject title and focus of vol. 62 (5/6) of Gazette: A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Publication.

This issue of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s publication Gazette contains a variety of articles focused on shaping and sustaining restorative justice in Canada. As a new way of looking at and doing criminal justice, restorative justice for the RCMP is shaped by concerns for victims’ rights, support of police officers’ discretionary powers, alternative solutions for youth at risk, and the RCMP’s commitment to community policing. Articles cover many aspects of restorative justice – from its origins in the traditions of aboriginal peoples in Canada and the South Pacific, to the way that other police services deal with restorative justice in their own communities, to the RCMP’s current initiatives in Community Justice Forums. Through the articles, the perspectives of victims’ and offenders’ advocates, the judiciary, aboriginal people, and the police are brought together to illuminate restorative justice.