Alongside anecdotal feedback a psychometric questionnaire called Crime Pics II is used to measure changes in each prisoners' attitudes after taking part in Sycamore Tree. An evaluation of more than 2,000 Crime Pics questionnaires was conducted by Sheffield Hallam University and indicates that the programme reduces attitudes that are known to be conducive to offending behaviour.

Additionally Prison Fellowship has recently commissioned a research project, supervised by Professor Lawrence Sherman of Cambridge University, to demonstrate Sycamore Tree's effect on reducing reoffending. At the heart of this project will be a randomised control trial, which will rigorously compare recidivism of adult male participants and non-participants. The project will measure the frequency and
severity of re-offending of the offenders within one year and also two years of release. The research will provide evidence for Prison Fellowship and significant policy-makers of the economic and human value of this programme.

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