Source: (1999) Oxfordshire: Thames Valley Police.

This annual report for the Thames Valley Police highlights the major efforts and directions for policing in the Thames Valley area for 1998-1999 and beyond. As indicated in the Chief Constable’s foreword, the focus has been on development of a problem-solving approach to policing, both for crime prevention and for resolution of crimes that occur. Additionally, the police have worked closely with local authorities to forge new statutory partnerships under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and they have extended the principles and uses of restorative justice across the police force. The principal application was the restorative conference, a process whereby trained police facilitators bring together young offenders, their families, and the victims of their crimes to acknowledge and address the harm caused by the crime or crimes. The report covers key statistics on crime and policing, initiatives in local communities, and specific policing areas or issues (e.g., road safety, racism, crime prevention, and restorative justice).