Source: (2002) Oxfordshire: Thames Valley Police

This annual report for the Thames Valley Police highlights the major efforts and directions for policing in the Thames Valley area for 2001-2002 and beyond. As indicated in the Chief Constable’s foreword, this report has been combined for the first time with that of the Police Authority. A significant initiative of the Thames Valley Police, as summarized in the Chief Constable’s foreword, has been to develop and promote a criminal justice system that works together for a common goal, to prevent, detect or punish criminal activity. This would include a criminal trial system geared toward establishing truth for victims and offenders (rather than being a “gameâ€? of procedural maneuvering) and meeting the needs of the community it should serve. The combined report includes information on the police’s work with communities, the implementation of restorative justice approaches in police work, efforts at crime prevention and community safety, key statistics on crime and policing for the year, indicators of policing performance for the year, and issues of police reform.

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