Source: (2004) In Peter C. Kratcoski, ed., Correctional Counseling and Treatment, 5th ed. Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc. Pp. 76-85.

There has been growing interest in recent decades in ways to settle disputes other than through litigation. In the United States, alternative dispute resolution programs have arisen at federal, state, and community levels through government agencies, legislation, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and more. A conflict resolution community has evolved with the aims of increasing the extent and the variety of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Yet there is not always agreement about what is and is not an ADR technique, and even within the ADR field terms are not always used with the same meaning. In this chapter, then, Daniel Renken seeks to promote understanding of the fundamentals of ADR. He does this by distinguishing and describing interrelations between ADR techniques.