Source: (2008) European Forum for Restorative Justice. 9(1):1-3.

The Agis project 'Restorative justice: an agenda for Europe' has already completed most of its stages. As mentioned in the previous newsletters, this is the 3rd AGIS project awarded to the European Forum and it has the objectives, on the one hand, of realising effective support for the development of restorative justice (RJ) in Southern Europe ('Going South') and, on the other hand, of researching what could be the potential of the European Union in the further development of RJ. The project started in June 2006 and results were presented at the 5th Conference of the European Forum that took place in Verona on 17-19 April 2008. In what follows, the focus will be on the 'Going South' part of the project which includes experts from Turkey, SPain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Greece, France, and Belgium. (excerpt)