Source: (2002) In Peace Office Newsletter 32 (January-March), The African Peacebuilding Institute: 10-12. Akron, PA: Mennonite Central Committee.

As graduates of the conflict transformation program at Eastern Mennonite University, Fidele Lumeya and with his wife, Krista Rigalo, were asked to serve as facilitators at the first African Peacebuilding Institute program. In this article Lumeya reflects on the serious challenges to peace initiatives in Africa. For many African students who go to Europe or North America to study conflict resolution, the challenges in Africa are so intense and difficult that they elect to stay abroad rather than return to work in Africa. Aware of the difficulties, Lumeya nevertheless urges ways to engage and overcome conflict and violence in Africa. In particular, he discusses the need for mass participation in peaceful political engagement, unity in diversity and diversity in unity in Africa, and overcoming language diversity and barriers as part of conflict resolution.

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