Source: (2004) Contemporary Justice Review. 7(4): 355-374.

Born as a result of the community movement of the 1960s, East Wind is an intentional community located in the Missouri Ozarks. East Wind has been extremely successful by any measure. It has flourished for 30 years and its members operate several successful businesses which make the community self-sufficient. Qualitative research performed at East Wind, including interviews with its members, portrays a society that places significant value on the individual dignity of its members, the achievement of economic justice by a sharing of resources, and emphasis on human relationships in community. In addition to its emphasis on social and economic substantive justice, it seeks to resolve disputes and affect conduct by the practice of restorative justice, thereby enabling the community and the actors to benefit mutually from the process. Restorative justice is part of the community's attempt to provide a healthy living environment for all its members. Author's abstract.