Source: (2005) Resolution: News from the Restorative Justice Consortium. April. 18: 4-5.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has evolved significantly since its inception in 1986. As part of that evolutionary process it now has wider responsibilities and an increasing involvement with initiatives to reform and improve the Criminal Justice System (CJS), raising its profile and developing its public accountability. Like its CJS partners,the CPS is becoming much more community focused, inspired by the need to build and retain the confidence of communities it serves and to re-integrate the victim and the community as stakeholders back into the justice process.If the community has confidence in its prosecution service, its citizens are much more likely to report crime and support prosecutions as witnesses.The CPS recognises it is acountable to the public it serves. It actively seeks the views of communities to help shape and develop prosecution policies and to respond to concerns. (excerpt)