Source: (2005) American Humane FGDM Issues in Brief. Downloaded 1 December 2005.

From the perspective of a Juvenile Court Judge who has watched this practice grow, watched people do more than they thought they could do, and watched as amazing things happened throughout Pennsylvania, FGDM is a win/win proposition. I have seen that leadership and commitment to the principles of FGDM have been a deliberate and core element in Dauphin County’s implementation of FGDM and its progression throughout Pennsylvania. But, while countless studies demonstrate the effectiveness of FGDM (Merkel-Holguin, Nixon, and Burford, 2003; Coates, Umbreit, and Vos, 2002,; Dobbin, Gatowski, Litchfield, and Robinson, 2002), few have examined in-depth the critical role of this type of leadership in implementing the FGDM practice.(excerpt)

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