Source: (2006) In, Crime Policy in Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing pp. 103-117

"In the Czech Republic, as in other central European countries, an important and sometimes even decisive factor is whether, in the area of criminal reforms, there are a sufficient number of qualified domestic experts who are able to create an adequate criminal and political climate for the preparation and enforcement of necessary legislative changes and their application in practice. This can be demonstrated by means of an example where the experts, owing to their long-term efforts, have succeeded in making the essential changes in the introduction of alternative criminal procedures and solutions replacing the traditional sentencing mechanisms. To explain how this happened and why these changes were achieved in a relatively short period of time - in one decade - and specifically in the area of sentencing policy, which is usually watched closely even by the general public, can be inspirational particularly for those countries that have not experienced such a positive development although they are culturally and historically very close to the Czech Republic." (excerpt)