Source: (2005) LL.M. thesis, International Criminal Law, Graduate Centre for Legal Studies, Sussex Law School, The University of Sussex. Downloaded 19 December 2005.

The research ‘The Development of Restorative Justice in Central and Eastern Europe’ intends to research implementation of Restorative Justice (RJ) as a necessary complement and a contributor to the current legal reforms in post-socialist European countries. This study considers the notion of RJ, analysing its benefits for victims, offenders and communities as well as for the legal system. Then it goes on to analyse justice traditions in post-socialist countries arguing why it is important for criminal justice system to implement RJ there. The dissertation evaluates influence of the European policy and international cooperation on development of RJ in Central and Eastern Europe. Then it investigates the current state of affairs in this region determining common problems and supportive factors. The dissertation concludes with recommendations for the further development of RJ in Central and Eastern Europe. Author's abstract.

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