Source: (2004) In Catherine Bell and David Kahane, eds, Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. Pp. 298-328.

This chapter offers a preliminary survey of the dispute settlement provisions of three northern land claims agreements: the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, 1984 (IFA), the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, 1993 (SA) and the Agreement Between the Inuit of the Nunavet Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 1993 (NFA). In each case, the analysis reviews the overall scope of the different dispute settlement procedures but focuses on the arbitration provisions of each agreement. The analysis is preliminary in nature. I hope that others will be stimulated to carry out more detailed research on the implementation and dispute resolution questions associated with modern land claims agreements. Other chapters in this volume offer more extensive consideration of how these processes may be used to promote Aboriginal participation in, and control over, dispute resolution. (excerpt)