Source: (1998) In Dimensions of forgiveness: Psychological research & theological forgiveness, ed. Everett L. Worthington, Jr., 9-28. With a preface and an introduction by Everett L. Worthington, Jr. Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press.

In this chapter Marty locates forgiveness in the context of Christian tradition. This begins with comments on the uses of Christian history. Following these comments, the chapter focuses on forgiveness in Christian tradition not so much in terms of doctrine but in terms of ethos (indicating the character of a person, people, culture, or movement). This ethos manifests itself in the context of a quaternity: the three “personsâ€? of the Trinity, and then the human person. Thus Marty examines Trinitarian forgiveness themes with respect to the ethos of God as “Abba,â€? God in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit within the Christian community. Finally Marty treats forgiveness themes and the ethos of the believer who embodies forgiveness.