Source: (2004) M.S.D. thesis, Play Therapy, Department of Social Work, University of Pretoria. Downloaded 19 December 2005.

Dealing with young offenders remains a universal problem around the world and South Africa is no exception. It would appear that certain factors in the community, the family and the school system may contribute to juvenile delinquency. Diversion programmes are utilized as an alternative to avoid juveniles accused of petty offences from being imprisoned. The researcher conducted this study after observing that many young people still end up in conflict with the law despite the completion of these programmes. Due to the latter, questions regarding the effectiveness of diversion programmes developed. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the diversion programme offered by Bokamoso Life Centre. The researcher conducted a qualitative study through which the goal of this study was achieved. Further research in this field is recommended because of the fact that this study was limited to a specific geographical area. The following are key concepts in this study: Adolescence, Juvenile Delinquency, Diversion Programmes, Bokamoso Life Centre. Author's abstract.

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