Source: (2003) Paper presented at the 6th International Conference On Restorative Justice. Vanucouver, British Columbia. June 1-4, 2003. Downloaded 17 September 2003.

Private, public, and community partners working together is the focus and basis of the growing Fraser Valley Community Restorative Justice Programs Network (the Network). This unique “grassroots�? network of private, public and community partners has an evolving membership that is the result of the spirit of working, learning, and advocating together. It embodies the spirit of mentoring partnerships both within the Network and within in the community. Together, the Network’s membership brings an integrated and comprehensive view of restorative justice programs and services available for youth and adults, both within the communities and within the Court system in the Fraser Valley region. The development, role and nature of private, public, and community partnerships, both within the Network and within specific Network community programs, will be examined and explained. (excerpt)

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