Source: (2010) In, Melinda Gyokos and Krisztina Lanyi, eds., European best practices of restorative justice in criminal Procedure. Budapest: Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Republic of Hungary.pp. 276-284.

From 1 January 2007, mediation was introduced in criminal procedures, and as a result, since then, victims and offenders have had the possibility to resolve their issues through mediation. Mediation is a method of alternative conflict resolution in which the parties at dispute settle their conflict with assistance of an external, neutral third party. The settlement is an agreement providing a solution that is acceptable for both parties. Mediation has become widely used in various fields over the past few decades. In Hungary, mediation was applied in minority, education, family and labour conflicts before 2007. Also, there have been attempts in the past to put the method into practice in business life and in the healthcare system. (excerpt)

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