Source: (2006) In, Crime Policy in Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing pp. 49-72

"In April 1999, the Committee of Experts on Mediation in Penal Matters (PC-MP), in compliance with the terms of reference given to it by the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) in 1996, drafted a recommendation entitled mediation in penal matters, which was subsequently adopted by the Committee of Ministers in September 1999 as Recommendation No. R (99) 19. "Three years later the Criminological Scientific Council (PC-CSC) decided to commission a study on the follow-up to this recommendation, which was to focus on the extent to which and the manner in which this recommendation had been implemented in different member states, and on the influence the recommendation had exerted in bringing about changes in the field of victim-offender mediation (VOM). "The PC-CSC thereby acknowledged (and there is growing awareness of this) that the following-up of the guidelines contained in recommendations drafted by committees of experts is, in itself, an important instrument for the furtherance of the Council of Europe policy." (excerpt)