Source: (2002) British Journal of Community Justice. 1(2):21-48 .

Considerable empirical work has been done over the past twenty years or so to document the impact of programmes attempting to implement restorative justice concepts. Here, we take a look at how this ongoing experiment with restorative justice conferencing is doing. WE will consider client satisfaction, fairness, restitution, diversion, recidivism and cost. We will also reference a meta-analysis approach to some of these questions recently carried out by a Canadian group (Lattimer, Dowden, and Muise, 2001) which offers considerable promise. A total of 63 empirical studies of restorative justice conferencing, from 5 countries were reviewed. This included 46 studies of victim offender mediation, 13 family group conferencing studies, and 4 assessments of peacemaking circles. (excerpt)