Source: (2006) In, Ivo Aertsen, Tom Daems and Luc Robert, editors, Institutionalizing Restorative Justice. Cullompton, Devon and Portland: Willan Publishing Press pp.194-212

This chapter examines the institutionalization of restorative justice principles in the United Kingdom. It provides an account of particular institutionalization features by depicting the way restorative justice values are translated into public statements regarding how restorative justice experts will provide services in a certain way. The first section presents background and reasons for the exercise, or study, they have conducted. Section two questions the need for a code of ethics in the realm of restorative justice practices, while the third section reviews and revises the standards of restorative justice. The fourth part of the chapter reflects on the exercise, which is followed by information regarding the mission of developing restorative justice in the United Kingdom. The chapter concludes with a double-hypothesis that refers to the extent to which restorative justice will become institutionalized along socio-political lines rather than within a legal-ethical framework.