Source: (2003) Hypatia. 18(2): 189-196.

As Thomas Brudholm comments, while the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has provided the model for new commissions in other countries dealing with periods of violence and human rights violations, the TRC is not a perfect model simply to be replicated in any given context. Significant questions have been raised and debated about its mandate, procedures, principles, and more. In particular, there has been intense debate over moral issues relating to xe2x80x93 among other matters xe2x80x93 justice, accountability, amnesty for truth, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Against this background Brudholm reviews two anthologies of essays on South Africa and the TRC: Looking Back Reaching Forward (2000), and Truth v. Justice (2000). The two books provide a variety of incisive reflections on the span of moral, psychological, legal, and political issues clustering around the truth commission process in South Africa.