Source: (1999) In People Building Peace: 35 Inspiring Stories from around the World, part 1, no. 2. Utrecht, The Netherlands: European Centre for Conflict Prevention. Downloaded 2 September 2004.

Hizkias Assefa writes that reconciliation -- compared to other conflict handling mechanisms such as negotiation, mediation, adjudication, and arbitration -- is perhaps the least well understood. Its meaning, processes, and application have not been clearly articulated or developed. To address this lack, Assefa explores the meaning of reconciliation. He does this in part by distinguishing it from other approaches mentioned above that are used in peacemaking and peace-building. Included in the essay are a spectrum of conflict handling mechanisms and an analysis of this spectrum based on the level of mutual participation. Additionally, Assefa reflects on healing and reconciliation, core elements of reconciliation, and reconciliation and justice.

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