Source: (2005) In Wanda D. McCaslin, ed., Justice as Healing: Indigenous Ways. Writings on Community Peacemaking and Restorative Justice from the Native Law Centre. St. Paul, MN: Living Justice Press. Pp. 308-312.

Family group confrencing is the newest trend in justice development and in the hope of renewing the Canadian justice system. Federal and provincial departments of justice are looking for communities that will open up this new frontier in community justice. Researchers and government representatives rush into communities that are rumored to be breaking "new ground" or exploring community involvment with "new" justive initiatives. With intrest like that, it is difficult for First Nations communitiesnot to be cautious and a little suspicious of justice prospectors coming from various government departments. The biggest concern of First Nation people is that cultural and traditional knowledge is being exploited by both First Nations and non-First Nations researchers and developers in the journey of community healing and recovery. (excerpt)