Source: (2002) VOMA Connections. Research and Practice. Summer, 2002. Downloaded 9 June 2004.

Martin Wright begins this paper noting that the term “restorative justiceâ€? is widely used in a variety of ways. While the basic idea has been oriented around victim assistance, it has been broadened to include other stakeholders in the effects of crime. Additionally, the term is seen as emphasizing the process as much as the outcome. Restorative justice therefore challenges us to re-think our whole perspective on crime and response to crime, including our basic aims and criteria for “successâ€? in dealing with crime and its effects. Hence, in this paper Wright explains some key implications of this new perspective on crime. He discusses the aims of restorative justice, the relationship of restorative justice to the criminal justice system, restorative justice processes, and the future of restorative justice.

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