Source: (2008) North Dakota Law Review. 84(3):669-704.

The purpose of this article is to provide a history of mediation practice in North Dakota. A number of the pioneers of mediation practice in North Dakota provided interviews and a picture of the history of mediation practice. Research revealing the written record of legislation, court rules, and mediation practices in government agencies were gathered. Additionally, the experience we bring as mediators and writers was accessed as a resource for this article. Jim Antes has been involved with mediation in the state for over 20 years and Kristine Paranica has been a member of the bar in the state for 17 years and directly involved with mediation for 11 years. Both have been members of the North Dakota Joint Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee since it was formed in 2000, and Kristine chaired the recently formed subcommittee on family mediation in North Dakota. Thus, we have been aware of much of the development of mediation in North Dakota and know many of the people who have helped shape the practice in the state. (excerpt)