Source: (2007) Personality and Individual Differences 43:881–890.

The relationship between belief in a just world (BJW) and forgiveness was examined in 275 participants. Personal BJW was positively related, and unjust world beliefs negatively related, to forgiveness of others. Personal and general BJW were each positively related to self-forgiveness. Gratitude mediated the relationships between personal BJW and forgiveness of others, and unjust world beliefs and forgiveness of others. Self-esteem mediated the relationships between personal BJW and self-forgiveness, and general BJW and self-forgiveness. It appears that BJW reflects a general disposition to respond to transgressions in a prosocial and adaptive manner, suggesting that the relationship between justice and forgiveness may not be as incompatible as what a first glance suggests. That is, people who are motivated by a concern for justice may also be more likely to possess a forgiving disposition. (author's abstract)