Source: (2000) TMs draft (photocopy). Leeds, UK: University of Leeds, Centre for Criminal Justice Studies.

In this paper, presented at seminars in Australia in 2000, Adam Crawford focuses on restorative justice developments with respect to juvenile offenders in England and Wales. He sketches the background to and significance for juvenile justice of two recent pieces of legislation in England and Wales – the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999. These two legislative acts sought to adhere to restorative justice philosophy, or at least to present restorative justice principles, processes, and aims for policy discourse and consideration. In terms of practical developments stemming from these acts, he pays particular attention to referral orders and youth offender panels. This leads to examination of some of the tensions and problematic issues bearing upon further implementation and future developments. After identifying some of the principal dynamics informing the models of restorative justice being advanced in youth justice in England and Wales, Crawford then comments on broader issues with respect to the politics of criminal justice and the place restorative justice occupies in those politics.