Source: (2014) London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Contents: The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice: How Affect Script Psychology Explains How and Why Restorative Practice Works; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part 1 The Theory Underpinning Restorative Justice: Affect Script Psychology; Chapter 1 Caring, Restorative Practice and the Biology of Emotion; Chapter 2 Interpersonal Caring, Social Disciple and a Blueprint for Restorative Healing; Part 2 The Theory in Action in Communities and the Criminal Justice Setting; Chapter 3 Being Emotional, Being Human: Creating Healthy Communities and Institutions by Honoring Our Biology. Chapter 4 Restorative Practice in a Policing Environment: Understanding Affect Will HelpChapter 5 Forgiveness; Chapter 6 A Necessary Discovery: Why the Theory is Important; Part 3 The Theory in Action in Organizational Settings; Chapter 7 Keep Calm and Carry On: From Fear to Fun over Two Years in a British Youth Arts Organization; Chapter 8 Drama Queens; Part 4 The Theory in Action in Education; Chapter 9 Affect and Emotion in a Restorative School; Chapter 10 They Suck, School Sucks, I Suck: The Secret Emotional Life of a Child with a Brain That Learns Differently; The Contributors.