Source: (2007) Williamsville, NY: PAstor Dave's Prison Ministry. 2 nd edition.

This book will look at several facets of restorative justice ministry in the correctional environment. I have come to the conclusion, now after 25 years in prison, jail and juvenile ministry, the need is to recognize what we are dealing with in truly reducing recidivism and being redemptive. Restorative Justice ministry covers the entire range of those touched by the criminal justice system: inmates, staff, victims, and their respective family members. The judicial process needs to be involved also if we are truly to make a lasting impact. First, this book will examine three main areas of concern, break down the specific fields, and model timeless principles from ministries and professionals that actually work in the real world. Second, we will discuss what we can do now in improving conditions inside and out of corrections to the glory of God. Third, we will explore the future of the challenging arena of restorative justice ministry. (excerpt)