Source: (2008) In, John F. Wozniak, et. al, editors. Transformative Justice: Critical and Peacemaking Themes Influenced by Richard Quinney. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. pp. 167-190.

This chapter is divided into four parts. It begins with a discussion of how the peacemaking perspective has been conceived within the discipline of criminology and then identifies some of Quinney's writings that can be viewed as precursors or building blocks toward his development of a peacemaking criminology theoretical framework. The third part of this chapter shows that when Quinney's peacemaking criminology writings are examined together, it becomes apparent that he has provided many pertinent insights in regard to general peacemaking assumptions about crime, peacemaking ways to bring about personal and social transformation, and the role of the peacemaking criminologist as teacher, researcher, and policy-maker. The final part of this chapter explores future directions of peacemaking criminology in keeping with the work of Quinney and others who are building upon this area of study. (excerpt)