Source: (2002) Belfast: Healing Through Remembering Project. Downloaded 11 December 2003.

In the late 1990s Victim Support Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders jointly began a process that led to the establishment of the Healing Through Remembering Project in the fall of 2001. The primary purpose of the Healing Through Remembering Project was to identify and document possible mechanisms and options for how remembering should occur so that healing could take place for all people affected by the conflict in Northern Ireland. The project was based on the view that addressing the past through remembering – while a complex, difficult, and long-term task – is an important part of social and psychological healing in the context of conflict. Toward this end, the Project solicited submissions by individuals and organizations to provide a wide range of opinions and insights into remembering processes that could help to deal with the legacy of the Northern Ireland conflict. This report on the Project’s work includes the following: an executive summary; background to the Project; the Project’s method and context; types of remembering processes; recommendations based on the work of the Project; and a number of relevant appendices.

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