Source: (1999) Victim Services 2000 2 (May): 1, 3. Downloaded 3 August 2004.

In this article Ginny Mackey responds to an article by Susan Laurence in the March 1999 issue of Victim Services 2000 titled “A place at the restorative justice table.â€? Laurence had argued that restorative justice programs should be true to restorative justice principles focusing on the needs, rights, and empowerment of victims of crime. Mackey agrees with key points in Laurence’s argument – for example, that victim service providers should have a place at the table, so to speak; and that participation in restorative justice programs must be completely voluntary for victims. At the same time, she takes issue with the perspective that restorative justice should be victim-centered. Mackey contends that restorative justice is centered equally on the needs of victim, offender, and community.

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