Source: (2011) Revisioning Justice. Restorative Justice Week 2011. Correctional Services Canada.

Restorative Justice (RJ), a term that is claimed by many, represents at its core an approach that seeks to help people heal from harm and transform situations. Although normally conceived as a process intrinsically linked to the criminal justice system, the approach RJ takes, its restorative approach, can have transformational effects. We can debate and discuss whether these restorative approaches are to be included under the umbrella of RJ; however, this article will focus on the use of these restorative approaches in schools as one of the means to start creating a more just world. Let us take for example the case of two different schools. The first school, Tradition Collegiate, is a conventional school that believes in educational excellence, character building and discipline through punishment and reward. The second school, Restorative High, is a modern school that has at its core the values of educational excellence, character building and restorative relationships. (excerpt)