Source: (2002) Montreal, Quebec, Canada: International Bureau for Children's Rights. Downloaded 8 September 2004.

This compilation of provisions of international and regional instruments was prepared by the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR), in an attempt to bring together the relevant standards, norms and principles relating to the rights of child victims and witnesses of crime. The publication fills a gap in contributing to the implementation of the rights of the millions of children throughout the world who are victims and witnesses of crimes, as a result of, inter alia, internal conflicts and war; all forms of exploitation, trafficking and sale; extreme poverty; hatred, intolerance and discrimination, and; violence within the family, in schools and in the streets. This compilation points to the most pertinent provisions contained in international and regional instruments relating to human rights including child rights, crime prevention, as well as to criminal and juvenile justice. This publication will raise awareness of the rights of this particularly vulnerable group of children, and will assist Governments, international and non-governmental organisations, and professionals working with child victims and witnesses of crime, to enhance their protection and ensure that their rights are guaranteed in practice. (excerpt)

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